Revolutionary active-wear that boosts energy, promotes cell recovery and stays fresh.

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The brand

S P I R I T U S ® is the flawless fusion of technology and fashion.

Look timeless and feel dynamic in premium high-performance apparel that will energize and empower you, whoever you are, in whatever you do, wherever life takes you.

The Technology

S P I R I T U S ® have developed an exclusive hi-tech fabric
combining the latest infrared and silver technology
(powered by Celliant ® Technology and XT2 ® Technology).

Boost Energy

Advanced infrared technology actively boosts energy by harnessing your body heat, ensuring better workouts.

Cell Recovery and Regeneration

Infrared energy promotes blood circulation and oxygenation leading to faster recovery and healing.

Quick Dry

Our fabric is proven to dry up to 35% faster than standard polyester, wicking moisture away for a quick dry to keep you comfortable all day.

Thermal Regulation

Keeps your body at optimum temperature range so you can perform better.

UV Protection

Protects you from harmful UV radiation so you can enjoy the outdoors more.


Pure silver technology kills 99.9% bacteria, keeping your active-wear fresh even after a sweaty workout.

The Team

Based in Australia, S P I R I T U S ® is a dynamic team comprised of an engineer, a fashion designer, a personal trainer and fitness enthusiasts with a common goal to create the most technologically advanced, premium quality, comfortable and great looking active-wear in the market.

The exclusive hi-tech material is a collaboration of the brand with two esteemed American fabric tech companies, textile experts and a textile manufacturer.

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